Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photo Shoot Prep - Santa Barbara

No matter how many times I prep for a video shoot and go through my list it seems that something often goes MIA. But not today! I won't allow it. Because today is one of those uber fun behind-the-scenes photoshoots, near the shores of the Pacific.....In a magical secret garden-forest....  behind my favorite mid-century modern home in the area.... among the Oaks.... must I go on?

You get it, I'm prepared! Everything I need will be at my fingertips. I will find it quickly. You get my mantra.

Anyway, back to work. Actually it doesn't really seem like work considering the setting (did you read the first paragraph? The scene explains everything!). And we're working with one our favorite Santa Barbara fashion textile artists, Catherine Masi, an East Coast Italian artist that sells her swoon-worthy aesthetics for brides around the world.

So to all of the forest wood-fairies out there me at 9:00am next to the tallest fern and the biggest oak. Would be fun to sneak in a quick behind-the-scenes video clip of all of you.