Sunday, May 26, 2013

5 Cool Summer iPhone TIPS, APPS, & GADGETS!

In an attempt to turn you from an iPhone filmmaking, photog rookie to a semi-Hollywood ace, we just had to share some nifty features that we think will up the ante on your cool factor this summer.

Feeling exhilarated at the top of the sunny season and knowing that the fastest way to snap a pic or capture video is most likely in your pocket, we wanted you to be in the know about a few features for both stills and videos that will have you starting your own YouTube and Vimeo channels lickety-split.

1. First, here are some iPhone lenses for you to consider as you continue to take the same 'ol pics with the standard built-in iPhone lens. And while the 4 and 4S have pretty decent lenses, we think you'd really like an external set for your Summer pics. Coming in a set of 3, you can typically get a macro, wide-angle and a fisheye lense set to help polish up those beach, BBQ and concert images.

2. If you're lucky enough to head to the islands or the Great Barrier Reef for a Summer getaway, you'll definitely want to invest in an underwater iPhone case for your sojourn. That's right, take the plunge, cover that phone and capture the beauty of the undersea world. You might have to drop a few more greenbacks than you wanted, but it'll be worth the investment. And yes, it is fully waterproof and as they say, Swim, Surf, Rain, Drinks!

3. As you're testing out your summer filmmaking shtick, there's one very important detail that the novice often forgets - editing! That's right, after you capture your footage for the next YouTube sensation, you still have post-production to contend with. And while there are a few simple apps out there to learn, Apple's iMovie is the way to go for any post-production newbie.

4. We've said it once, but apparently, we need to say it twice - hold your iPhone HORIZONTAL when you're filming. And by horizontal, we mean left to right, length-wise, with the round, home button on the right! (See our 'Which Way Do We Go' post about it!).

5. Be sure to invest in an iPhone tripod like the GLIF. It's small, compact, easy to slip into a pocket or purse and allows you to prop up your phone for a hands-free shoot or FaceTime. At only $20-$30, it's a great little investment to carry around on your keychain this summer.

*MDF is not paid to endorse any of the items reviewed in this post.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lyndadotcom & Adobe Photoshop Photowalk Event

Zoom. Click. Flash. That's music to this videographer's ears. And while video was not the focus of this event, I still get a rush out of hearing 150 cameras surrounding taking pics at the same time.

Now let me back up a minute and pay tribute to my Twitter feed as I found this fab event on there hosted by and Adobe Photoshop CS6.