Thursday, July 29, 2010

MDF + Up With People = Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

OK, so this 3 day event UP WITH PEOPLE, will forever go down in MDF history as the happiest one we've ever attended! To say that this was a fun-filled and delightful weekend full of happiness and joy is a complete understatement. These people hold up to their happy little reputation as Sue Sylvester so pointedly said on a Season 1 GLEE episode. So, let us help paint a visual for you  - 3 days..... 1,000 smiling people from all over the world.... alumni from the 60's - 2005.... current casts performances.... alumni cast performances.... and of course.... several suite and ballroom soirees. In all, a swell-of-a-good-time filming for a Cast from 1980. "What a great organization" (says one of the crew members who just happens to be an alumni herself!)

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