Saturday, April 23, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes Saturday: The Art of Picking Music

When it comes to picking the perfect music for videos and filming, it's all about the feel of the piece and the essence of what we want to portray. When we heard two songs from these awe-inspiring groups, Cathedrals and A Movable West, we knew we had it right for our latest mini doc. We know you too will dig their incredibly smart, whimsical and unique sounds. And with the haunting yet light voice of the lead singer in both of these groups, Josiah Byars, you'll find yourself hitting that replay button repeatedly. You can also find A Moveable West on Myspace or their Facebook fan page to keep up with their latest gigs and awesome ways that they give back to their community.  So, be sure to check out these Northern California bands and support this inspiring, indy music. They'll make you want to put on a set of your best headphones, tune out the rest of the world and simply get lost in their engaging music.

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