Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes Saturdays: Daybreak Shoot

These are the days that we curse the alarm clock and then quickly thank the sun for the beautiful morning light. And this was truly one of those days. After being the first ones in line and desperate for our morning cup of Jo, we continued on with our silent sunrise ride to our first location of the day.  After picking up our delightful client of the day, Catherine Masi of Ciara Obscura, for a mini-documentary, artist profile, we sluggishly made our way towards the sunrise. Still sipping and nursing our morning lattes ever so carefully while schlepping our gear through a nature preserve, we were officially awake. Heading back to our pre-scouted and perfect first shot of the day, dawn had officially greeted us! With the sun now descended upon us, we started this shoot high above the Pacific on the cliffs of Santa Barbara. Feeling the good JuJu and daydreamy vibe, we were quickly put back into a morning fog as an early-riser walking her dog quietly informed us of an impending tsunami warning coming our way via Japan. Trying to keep our spirits and minds in the right frame (pun intended!), we forged on with our daybreak shoot. Among us, dogs running amuck, people howling to the tsunami and kids chasing each other. And there we were, in the middle of a field of flowers having a chocolate milk break!

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