Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Documentary Review #3: I Am

I AM, another exceptional 'movement documentary' in our series of doc reviews, showcases the core relationship between science and human connectedness. Tom Shadyac, a successful movie director of such classic films like Ace Ventura and The Nutty Professor, was on the top of his filmmaking game when an accident awakened his new found sense of purpose. Facing death and embracing life, he hopped on a plane and on a path of global discovery to ask an elite selection of brilliant minds and individuals, a series of thought provoking questions that others have not dared to ask. On his quest to identify the 'wrongs' of the world in turn, led this small team of filmmakers to discover what's so very right. This documentary will fill you up on all of the necessary levels, goes beyond the feel-good genre and the exact prescription for a dose of inspiration.


  1. Do you know when and where we'd be able to see it?? It sounds really interesting.

  2. It's playing at the Metropolitan Plaza de Oro Theatre in Santa Barbara (off of Hitchcock). Also playing around the country at select theatres. You can check their website www.iamthedoc.com for more information.