Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dog-Friendly Carmel

This submission piece for The Travel Channel just goes to prove that what you THINK you have in mind doesn't always end up being the final product. And this little lesson in flexibility took the MDF crew all of 10 minutes walking the streets of quaint and beautiful Carmel, California to figure that one out. With gear in hand heading to our first location for this 'Quaint Weekend Getaway' we quickly ditched that notion after dodging several dogs and storefront doggy bowls. Stopping in our tracks, looking at all the dogs and each other, we just started laughing and said our favorite meeting shout-out - "Time to re-group!" And 10 hours later, we hit the canine jackpot after filming a doggy spa, two dog-friendly hotels, interviewed several doggy owners, dined with our own MDF mascot Romeo and attended a doggy-happy-hour with several other pooches in tow. Pant, Pant, Woof, Woof! (Check out the final travel short on our MDF Media Projects page).

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