Friday, May 27, 2011

MDF's New VLOG! Are You Ready?

In hiding for way too long now, the captainess of our ship has decided to step out from behind the camera to greet you, our faithful followers. Loitering behind her Sony and in front of her iMac for the past couple of years has been a definite comfort zone for her until we posed the question, "What inspires you to do all of this?" And, with another gentle nudge and many rounds of playing "Wouldn't it be fun IF...." landed her front and center of that lens. Now, we've convinced her to share her inspirations, behind-the-scenes-shoot-stories and the occasional video tip in the hopes of connecting with you, her Royal (oops, we mean Loyal) followers. So starting next week, be prepared to learn, laugh and travel along with Hilary as she takes you on her new VLOG journey and the life of a videographer, producer, and editor. ACTION!

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