Saturday, June 11, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes-Saturdays: 'ViviVAN'

MDF just loves 'ViviVAN.' Why with all the miles that she's put in for us, we just had to tip our hat to her. She deserves the recognition and a name. She carefully carries and stores all of our gear, has more cup holders than you could imagine and graciously welcomes our MDF mascot, Romeo. (He so loves the middle seat and the side doors that glide open to give him the best views a pooch could ever want). So, here's to 'ViviVAN' - a crew's best friend. And yes, we're still sorry for driving you into the ditch in Big Sur! We'll be sure to make it up to you by taking you some place very special and fueling you with the highest grade of gasoline.

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