Saturday, July 9, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes-Saturdays: The Royals in Santa Barbara!

Well LA-DI-DA, the Royals have arrived! So, indulge us, if you will, and follow our 6 degrees of separation about this weekend's Royal Polo soiree here in Santa Barbara to which MDF's official invite apparently got lost in our American mail system (purely an oversight!). So, here it goes... 1st degree: our own imperial leader (AKA, Hilary) moved a half mile away from these same Polo fields just 12 years ago... 2nd degree: Hilary went to England 9 years ago and bought a Union Jack Flag and 4 packages of Hobnob cookies... 3rd degree: she also has 3 'Bri-ish' friends on her personal Facebook page... 4th degree: she's addicted to English Breakfast tea... 5th degree: she once rode a horse & played recreational lawn croquet in elementary school... And, the 6th degree: (drum roll please!) she drove by the swanky polo fields on her way out of town to snap these pics! Uh huh, there you have it! And, had she been notified ahead of time via a personal invite, or at the very least, had received her press pass in the proper amount of time, she wouldn't have scheduled a birthday weekend get away during such an exclusive affair. So, take that William and Kate; you'll just have to endure that empty seat at Chef Giada's $400 per person, ostentatious dinner party tonight cuz girlfriend's got other plans!

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  1. How exciting. Look forward to hearing more. Have my pinkie in the air.