Saturday, March 10, 2012

Behind-The-Scenes-Saturdays: Finding Your 'Happy Place'

Feeling like a proud pseudo-mama right now as I'm watching the play-by-play media coverage of a dear friend's son on an adventure of a lifetime. Nate Cooper, (who I've shared many pizzas with over the years), is the founder of the hottest and happiest mobile app HAPPSTR. Being developed on board a bus as I type, this young hipster and team of 'buspreneurs' has already been written up on Mashable, Fox Business and Bloomberg Businessweek Lifestyle section for his obsession on the delight and good moods of peeps around the globe.

This geek-festival-on-wheels and hackathon, has been en route from New York City to Austin, Texas on the 2012 Startup Bus Project for the past few days heading to the SXSW Annual Film, Music & Interactive Conference. Happstr's mission? To understand, track and analyze happiness with the single tap of your mouse or mobile screen along with a simple phrase describing your state of happiness. Plus, their NYC Startup Bus just got themselves into the finals which, allows them to pitch their entrepreneurial ideas to investors at the SXSW Technology Conference. Woot! Woot!

I mean really, can you imagine with all the negativity that we're surrounded by on a daily basis, that a group of innovative techies are actually wanting to track our happiness? Brilliant I say! 

And to Nate, whom was connected at the hip to his family computer each and every day growing up, I say a resounding AWESOME! You go and follow your dreams with a huge dose of happiness. In the meantime, I'm hitting your website up again with my current happy statement about 'What makes you happy?' - "Nate Cooper making a happy difference in this world!"... that's what makes me happy!

Now, back to finding my 'Happy Place!'

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