Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Which Way Do We Go? - iPhone 4 Video

So what IS the proper way to hold the iPhone 4 when taking video - Landscape or portrait?

Well…if you desire to become the master iPhone videographer that we all know you can be, then shoot your videos horizontally, or what is called the ‘Landscape’ mode. This will not only produce a better looking video, but will also take advantage of the High-Definition capabilities of your nifty iPhone camera which allows you to shoot in 720p. What this means is that your video will look more professional as it will play in the orientation it was designed to be viewed in, that being horizontal with black letterboxing on the top and bottom.  Let me tell you readers, if you follow this advice and bust out with your new iPhone video masterpieces at your next family reunion, you’ll most certainly be voted as the king or queen of your reunion ball…or at the very least, master of ceremonies at the potluck/slideshow screening.

Oh yeah, and one more tip, oh new M.O.C. (aka Master of Ceremonies, just in case you needed help with your new title) …when holding the iphone in Landscape mode, make sure the home button is on the right hand side. This will ensure that when viewed on your swanky, updated YouTube channel or on your fancy, new HDTV which you just won at what you thought was going to be your boring family reunion…your image will not only be viewed as widescreen but also be rotated in the correct direction without having to fix it in editing. 

Now, if in the past you (or a friend…uh huh) inadvertently shot your video vertically and now it’s displaying as a thin vertical image, have no fear, there are ways to rotate your video in such programs as Quicktime Pro or iMovie. But why go to all that trouble when you, (or your friend) can easily shoot from the correct orientation the next time with just a quick flip of the wrist to the left and Bam!... you’re back to being the fabulous and talented iPhone Videographer that we all know you to be!

So when you’re ready to capture your next iPhone masterpiece, remember these 3 words…shoot in Landscape! Everyone will be happy and you may just be the next iPhone Steven Spielberg!

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