Saturday, August 20, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes-Saturdays: Big Sur Scouting

Big Sur River Inn & Pfeiffer Beach

Traveling...ahem, we mean scouting is what makes this whole video production gig simply electrifying. And this week's assignment of taking a second peek at Big Sur for a future video shoot completely validated our intention of bringing breathtaking and awe-inspiring travel videos your way. Perhaps it was the first stop at the Big Sur River Inn where the MDF crew sat in the river adirondack chairs chatting it up with new friends from Germany for over an hour that we first crossed over into vacay mode. Or maybe it was the drive down famed PCH where the spectacular and rugged California coast cast a spell on our previously stressful moods. But, coming out of a fog bank and into the late afternoon sunshine at majestic Pfeiffer Beach surely sealed the deal and begged us to ask, 'Isn't this what traveling is all about?' 

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