Saturday, August 13, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes Saturdays: Cupcakes Anyone?


Somtimes, life just throws you a curveball, and when that happens - a cupcake is in order! So, when a beautiful, sunny, summer day hit Santa Barbara this week coupled with a day gone bad, a yummy cupcake was the antidote. Heading directly into Coast Village into the picturesque Montecito area of Santa Barbara, MDF foodie, Hilary took a down-and-out friend to the one and only place to cure the blues, Whodidily Cupcakes! That's right closet-cupcake-consumers, what'ya waiting for? Drive yourself directly to this whimsical and delish place and knock yourself out! Chat it up with the genuinely friendly owner Wendy Jones, and you'll be skipping your way out of there having just received a dose of joy and scrumptious sweet treats. Our faves: Lazy Daisy, Peanut Butter Yumptious or a 'little bites' assortment. Head to the beach with a couple of forks and all your troubles will vanish.


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