Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steve Jobs: Remembering an iCon

Downtown Chicago Apple Store

The way in which people express one's grief and pay respects these days has certainly showcased a fresh and creative side. Some people write cards, some send flowers and many often prefer to deliver casseroles to family members in the deep throes of sorrow. But in light of the recent passing of Apple's Co-Founder and CEO, traditional customs, it seems, have been superseded by a more original approach to a tribute. Unequivocally a suitable and rightful remembrance for a visionary like Steve Jobs. So, as our crew collectively gasped as we drove by the downtown Chicago Apple store this past weekend while on a short stint out there, it was a unanimous thought that we pull into the closest parking garage and go pay our own respects to the colorful wall memorial. Between the hundreds of post-it notes, once bitten apples and dozens of onlookers, we all walked away feeling a little better having honored one amazing American innovative genius. It not only felt good to be there, but felt like the proper eulogy for an entrepreneurial virtuoso. To this we simply add what many others are saying - 'iSad.'

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