Saturday, October 15, 2011

Behind-The-Scenes-Saturdays: Chicago Food Truck Frenzie!

Chicago has everything from 'The Bean' to the Cubs. You have the lake, the quaint neighborhoods, Millenium Park, theatres and class-act museums that rank among the best of the best.   But we weren't having any of that tourist-trap stuff.  Our mission instead, 'Operation Chicago Food Trucks.' Being the foodies that we are, we'd been tracking our savory trucks and their locations for weeks on Twitter in preparation of our trip. Corner of this and that at this time, heading over to Fulton River Park at 2:00, Lake and Michigan for our last stop... blah-de-blah. But being the food truck Chicago-driving rookies that we were, for one reason or another, we missed every darn one of those mouth-watering meals-on-wheels. Between the one-way streets, closed off construction avenues and that $%#!&! (insert your fave curse word here!) city traffic, we didn't catch a single one! One iPad and two iPhones later, we found ourselves at a loss! But, we didn't let this minor setback foil our search for delectable vittles. Instead, we opted for the non-food-truck meal of choice (shout out to the '90 Miles Cuban Cafe' in Logan Square) that we dined at with our fearless leader's Cuban cousin-in-law (AKA 'El Cubano') that served up THE best Cuban food to be had for sure (may we recommend the Bistec Sandwich and the Mariquitas). So, next time you're in Chi-town, get your Twitter on so you can have a better shake at tracking down some curb-side cuisine. P.S. Guess what we saw within 10 minutes of driving away from LAX on Lincoln Boulevard?....... Yep, a bustling food truck! Too tired....too late!

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